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How can I spend less time on business operations and administrative tasks?

Axiom delivers more client time with seamless integration of application tools with middle office support

Finding more time to interact with clients and build your business can be daunting. Axiom’s powerful integrated platform was developed by advisors for advisors to allow small- to medium-sized firms to maximize their time by automating processes and partnering with a powerful operations team.
Axiom has built-in process tools and automated solutions delivering the speed, agility and customization you need to reduce your administrative burden; freeing more time to build your business, acquiring new accounts and nurturing existing client relationships.
Billing Axiom can handle quarterly fee billing, in advance or in arrears, with calculations based on assets under management and/or a flat fee. You can hold aside specific assets with the flexibility to include or exclude them from your calculations. Also, Axiom can implement custom billing calculations or methods you have developed for your practice.
Rebalancing Axiom’s platform provides robust solutions and assistance that help you monitor and rebalance client accounts as necessary, including:
  • Cash Management
  • Timely Rebalancing
  • Scheduled Redemptions
  • Tax-Aware Overlay Management
  • Gain/Loss harvesting
  • Manager Replacements
  • Implement Model Changes
Trading We also have software and workflows that execute, monitor and support trading activity, including:
  • Institutional-class Order Management Systems
  • Electronic FIX trading with Multiple Execution Venues
  • Trade Blocking and Best Execution
  • Settlement and Allocations

Axiom Platform Benefits

Investment and practice management solutions customized for your firm
Institutional-quality and scaled systems free you to grow your business and focus on revenue-generating activities
Advanced business management tools
Enhanced investment choice and control
State-of-the-art data security and business recovery protocols
Turnkey compliance reporting
Customized client performance and reporting