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Will I be able to use different investment models based on my client’s goals?

Axiom — providing Investment Advisors with access to a variety of investment models to more precisely meet their clients' needs

Axiom provides a powerful way to offer your clients a full service unified managed account. Asset allocation models are an integral part of achieving your clients’ goals. Studies have shown that most of a portfolio’s return is driven by the correct asset allocation as opposed to individual security selection.
Select from many asset allocation models Axiom offers several types of asset allocation models and, with numerous portfolio combinations, can produce an abundant number of strategist models. These models provide core market investing and defensive/protection strategies to assist in managing client expectations while enhancing returns.

Main Model Groups

Provides a mostly strategic approach with the ability to change asset allocation classes should the market exceed predetermined volatility levels

Combination of asset classes actively managed to take advantage of short-term market changes

A narrower investment focus than the previous two