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Will I have access to different strategists so I can provide clients with the best asset allocation strategies to meet their goals?

Axiom — providing Investment Advisors with access to a variety of world class asset managers

Axiom gives you access to a group of carefully selected, institutional-quality portfolio strategists. Axiom strategists range from large, widely-known asset managers to undiscovered, boutique strategists. All strategists conduct their own extensive, sophisticated research and analysis from which you and your clients can benefit. Each has specific asset allocation approaches they employ; dynamic, tactical, or focused.
Sophisticated Strategists, More Strategies As a result, you have access to a multitude of different strategies from which you can select to more precisely fit your clients’ needs with the ability to blend stategies. Each portfolio strategist firm in the Axiom platform follows a disciplined process to manage client’s assets on a day-to-day basis.
Flexibility to Monitor Performance Axiom gives you the flexibility to include multiple strategists in a single account, making it easier for you to monitor overall account performance. In addition, Axiom continually monitors strategists’ performance and adds or removes them as warranted.

Some of Axiom’s Investment Strategists