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Could you benefit from ad hoc CFA® Charterholders for objective assistance with Portfolio Analysis?

Axiom provides unbiased CFA® reviews and advice to help fine-tune your client portfolios

Axiom has their own financial analysts on staff, all of which have obtained the rigorous Chartered Financial Analyst® designation.
Axiom’s financial analysts are available to help you navigate your clients' expectations and to assist you in evaluating, developing and optimizing their portfolio design to ensure it meets their goals. Our CFA® Charterholders are happy to provide the following services:
Deep Dive on portfolio strategist models
  • One-on-one deep dive analysis of any strategist’s model(s)
Design Custom Allocations
  • Custom allocations can be designed with your input to provide the optimum portfolio structure for your client
Complimentary Morningstar Analytical Reporting
  • Analyze a client’s existing portfolio at no cost
  • Evaluate both proposed and existing Axiom allocations at no cost
Ongoing Manager Oversight Axiom provides ongoing manager oversight for strategist model changes and for hiring new strategist(s) as well as replacing strategists that are not performing according to their model’s parameters.

What is the value in seeking the advice of a CFA® Charterholder?

The CFA® Charterholder designation was created by the Chartered Financial Advisor Institute to distinguish financial professionals and to provide assurance to clients that they are receiving professional financial advice from someone with a certain level of knowledge and experience who adheres to strict ethical standards of business practice.

Requirements to become a Charterholder

Demonstrated knowledge — pass three exams covering economics, ethics, equities, fixed income, options and accounting. In most cases, CFA® Institute testing is more rigorous than for most MBA programs

Experience — financial advisors must have a minimum 4 years real-life, hands-on experience in the financial services industry

Adherence to a set of strict ethical principles — CFA® Charterholders are committed to a Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. Institute standards are more strict than legal requirements.
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